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To be a versatile business travel agent for world class customers with affordable basics and expressed service.
Dynamic execution of services across the globe, geographically dispersed and less encumbered by boundaries.
Values must develop a set of virtual experiences that emulate the real world of business.

About Us

Greenwood Travels Pvt. Ltd, a company incorporated under the companies act, 1956 and limited by shares. The company had its inception with the sole objective of promoting air transport, both inland and overseas on December 27, 1996.

A successful process improvement results with the proportion of installation of metrics. Greenwood as a lead indicator commit to the right metrics in the right process, which frameworks to establish priorities and align efforts. Hence transformation of ideas into action is about turning aspirations into reality and converting setbacks into opportunities.

Grown by leaps and bounds in the air travel business, Greenwood has enriched its client network around the world. Greenwood renders air-ticketing services, which is inclusive of documentations for visa and immigration clearance, bookings for boarding and lodging. Owing to the mass, Greenwood recognizes its contribution, which very often gets overshadowed by the performance.

Greenwood believes that ignoring of any process can be detrimental to the expected outcome of the service and its subsequent sustenance. Hence, ensuring its customers with affordability in cost and amiability in hosts around the corner by serving them the best of the trip round the clock sensitize Greenwood’s specialty.

No wonder in couple of years of its establishment, it sensed the recognition of IATA in an evident of the same. Greenwood with IATA on their palms and wide network in air travel business enhanced its turnover to 4-5 times that of its won. This puts a premium on speed of its growth.

Greenwood Travels Pvt Ltd, a company limited by shares consists of directors from close consanguinity.

Mr. K. Susai Selvanathan (alias) Mr. K. Selvam, its managing director who hits the experience in travel related business from a crawl in a slow phase but steadily to that of a giant.

He won his spurs with the recognition by International Air Transport Association (IATA) as their authorized agent.

A quick mover with the sole object of promoting air transport indicates the growth and development of Greenwood today.

A self-assured person Mr. K. Selvam turned Greenwood into a world class air travel agent with his tireless workforce, consistent efforts and network bandwidth.

The initial stands of Mr. K. Selvam established wide links for Greenwood in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, HongKong and South Africa.

With the right mix of 3 M’s (Man, Machine and Money) Greenwood equipped itself to excel its survival to supreme success.

Raising funds with splendid performance from 1996 till date with unbashing transactions both in air-travel business, customer satisfaction and dealing with proper accounting procedure duly assess the entire system as reliable and a true picture is placed as Greenwood image.

Team is about rallying people around to a compelling and exciting vision of the future, using technology to advantage in communication can add a zing to the process.

Stating the obvious, the critical area of any organization is its team.

Greenwood’s team with a different pair of eyes bond all with basic values of the workplace. Showcasing success inspires its team with ripple impact accounted numerically and positively quality returns.
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